Lord of the Rings®

Explore our exclusive selection of plexiglass display cases compatible with LEGO® sets from "The Lord of the Rings".

Each case is custom-designed to highlight and protect your precious Middle-earth models, ensuring every detail is visible in all its glory.

Made with the highest quality materials, our display cases offer crystal clear visibility and unbeatable protection against dust and damage, allowing your sets to shine like the jewels of Erebor.

Whether you're an avid collector or a fan looking for the perfect way to display your miniature adventures from "The Lord of the Rings", you'll find the ideal solution to give your LEGO® sets the place of honor they deserve. Don't miss the chance to transform your collection into an epic exhibition.

Plexiglas® display case for LEGO® The Lord of the Rings Rivendell (10316)

The custom-made Plexiglas display case made for The Lord of the Rings RIvendell LEGO®Make the most of your Lego collection with the Ecometa display cases!With this display case you have the option of purchasing the dedicated background: easy to install and removable, it is ideal for creating a truly incredible diorama! New! - Illuminate Your Showcase...

Arca | Plexiglas Custom Display Case

Create your custom Plexiglas display with Arca, the showcase 100% Made in Italy!This display with 5mm thick panels is designed to enhance and make unique your large-sized collectible models. The main appeal of custom plexiglas displays is their crystal-clear transparency, allowing for exceptional object display. Plexiglas is also highly resistant to...
Starting from €152.77

Arca Lite | Custom Plexiglass Display Case

Create your Custom Plexiglass Display Case with Arca Lite, 100% Made in Italy!This display case, with 4mm thick sheets, is designed to enhance and uniquely showcase your medium-small sized collectible models.Need a display case larger than 60 cm? Arca is what you're looking for, find it >>Clicking Here!
Starting from €86.30

Belan | Custom Cylindrical Display Case

Create your Custom Cylindrical Plexiglas Display Case with Belan, 100% Made in Italy!This display case with 5mm thick walls is designed to enhance and make your collectible models unique.Belan is the only solution to get a 360-degree view of your collectible model, with luxury finishes and a removable dome for quick access to the contents.
Starting from €97.01

Arca Luce | Illuminated Customizable Display Case

Create your Custom Illuminated Plexiglas Display Case with Arca Luce, the 100% Made in Italy case!This Display Case, with 5mm thick sheets and integrated lighting, is designed to make your collections unique!Discover all the features of the display case in the Description!
Starting from €321.26

Arca Lite Luce | Teca Illuminata su Misura

Crea la tua Teca in Plexiglas Illuminata su Misura con Arca Lite Luce, la teca 100% Made in Italy!Questa Teca con lastre di spessore 4mm e illuminazione incorporata è realizzata per rendere uniche le tue collezioni!Scopri tutte le caratteristiche della teca in Descrizione!
Starting from €241.56
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