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Plexiglas display cases Hasbro® Marvel Legends Series

Arca | Plexiglas Custom Display Case

Create your custom Plexiglas display with Arca, the showcase 100% Made in Italy!This display with 5mm thick panels is designed to enhance and make unique your large-sized collectible models. The main appeal of custom plexiglas displays is their crystal-clear transparency, allowing for exceptional object display. Plexiglas is also highly resistant to...
Starting from €152.77

Arca Lite | Custom Plexiglass Display Case

Create your Custom Plexiglass Display Case with Arca Lite, 100% Made in Italy!This display case, with 4mm thick sheets, is designed to enhance and uniquely showcase your medium-small sized collectible models.Need a display case larger than 60 cm? Arca is what you're looking for, find it >>Clicking Here!
Starting from €86.30

Belan | Custom Cylindrical Display Case

Create your Custom Cylindrical Plexiglas Display Case with Belan, 100% Made in Italy!This display case with 5mm thick walls is designed to enhance and make your collectible models unique.Belan is the only solution to get a 360-degree view of your collectible model, with luxury finishes and a removable dome for quick access to the contents.
Starting from €97.01

Arca Lite Luce | Teca Illuminata su Misura

Crea la tua Teca in Plexiglas Illuminata su Misura con Arca Lite Luce, la teca 100% Made in Italy!Questa Teca con lastre di spessore 4mm e illuminazione incorporata è realizzata per rendere uniche le tue collezioni!Scopri tutte le caratteristiche della teca in Descrizione!
Starting from €241.56
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