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Whether you need to display all your Funko Pops or store both the character and box in a plexiglass case, Ecometa has the right solution for you

POP podit display for funko pop - ecometa

POP Podit

The perfect display for your POP!

With PODIT® you can display your Funko® POPs neatly for maximum visibility of each figurine!

Designed to hold up to 15 Funko® POPs, you can easily place them inside your IKEA® Billy® and Kallax® furniture


PODIT® POP is designed to fit comfortably inside furniture such as IKEA® Kallax® and IKEA® Billy®.


It is designed to accommodate up to 9 Funko POP®s on three levels, so that they are all on display in a small space.


PODIT® POP consists of only a few components, all to make assembly as easy as possible.

POP Case

The display case for exhibiting your Funko® POP!

POP Case is the Ecometa display case specially created to display your POP!

You can display both character and box in the same display case and protect both from dust and damage.


By using a POP Case your POP® will always be safe from dust and damage!


We know how important every detail of your Funko® POP! Protect both the box and the Character with Pop Case!


Solid and robust product, consisting of base and display case made of 3 mm thick Plexiglas®.

pop case display for funko pop - ecometa
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