Display Case for Models

Choose Ecometa's plexiglass display case for models

Explore our wide range of model display cases, the ultimate destination for diorama enthusiasts and collectors of Hachette and DeAgostini models. Our plexiglass display cases, designed to enhance and protect your static modeling masterpieces, are ideal for every type of collection, from detailed historical dioramas to car models and naval modeling.

Crystal-clear visibility and premium materials

Made with premium materials, these display cases offer crystal-clear visibility that highlights every intricate detail of your static models. Whether you're creating realistic settings for your dioramas or proudly displaying your Hachette and DeAgostini models, our plexiglass cases provide the perfect frame to preserve and showcase your work.

Maximum protection for your models

Each plexiglass display case for models is designed to offer maximum protection against dust and accidental damage, ensuring that your models remain intact and spectacular over time. With an elegant design and attention to detail, these cases harmoniously fit into any display space, enhancing your collection and turning each model into a focal point of the room.

Enhance and protect your model collections

Don't let your precious models remain undervalued or at risk of damage. Choose our static model display cases and give your dioramas, Hachette, and DeAgostini models the stage they deserve. Discover our selection today and start protecting and enhancing your passion.

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