Custom Plexiglass Display Cases

Choose Ecometa's custom plexiglass display cases

Customization is an important aspect. You can choose the size and shape of your display case according to your needs. Additionally, you can add special details such as internal LED lighting to bring your creations to life spectacularly.

Standard custom Display Cases

Our custom plexiglass display cases are designed to fit perfectly with any type of collection. Made with high-quality materials, they offer excellent protection and optimal visibility for your precious items. Whether you have models, action figures, or any other type of collection, our plexiglass display cases are the ideal choice to keep your creations safe and well-displayed.

Custom illuminated Display Cases

Discover the magic of a custom illuminated display case. Designed to highlight every detail of your collections, these cases feature integrated LED lighting that enhances the beauty of your items. You can customize the intensity and position of the lights to create the perfect atmosphere. Ideal for collectors who desire a spectacular presentation, our illuminated display cases transform every collection into a work of art.

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