Ecometa Store | Arca Lite | Custom Plexiglass Display Case
Ecometa Store | Arca Lite | Custom Plexiglass Display Case

Arca Lite | Custom Plexiglass Display Case

Create your Custom Plexiglass Display Case with Arca Lite, 100% Made in Italy!

This display case, with 4mm thick sheets, is designed to enhance and uniquely showcase your medium-small sized collectible models.

Need a display case larger than 60 cm? Arca is what you're looking for, find it >>Clicking Here!<<

*Shipping within 10 working days


Arca Lite is the Custom Plexiglass Display Case designed to make your collectible models unique!

The display case arrives at home disassembled, to avoid breakage and, should a sheet get damaged over the years, you will always have the possibility to replace it without changing the case.

Ideal for medium-small size display cases, it is produced using only 4mm thick registered brand Plexiglass, in detail:

- We use only 4mm thick first-choice Methacrylate;

- We use transparent methacrylate screws and brackets;

- The case edges are precision-joined.

- The display cases are guaranteed for 30 years against yellowing from UV rays.

The Arca display case is perfect for small-sized models, up to 60 cm in length.



The measurements of the case are external: our advice is to keep a margin of 3/4cm on each side and 5cm for the height.
Model dimensions: 30x30x20h
Case dimensions: 36x36x25h

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