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Discover the Made to Measure line and treat yourself to the luxury of creating your own display case from scratch.

custom plexiglas display cases arca

The Unique and Inimitable: The Arca Display Case

The undisputed Queen of Luxury.

The iconic display case par excellence: Arca. A product with an extraordinary finish and impressive thickness that transforms your collections into immortal works of art. You can create it to measure, with or without lights and choose from the various colours of the base.

5mm thickness

We only use trademarked methacrylate 5mm thick.

45° finishes

The slabs have 45° shaped edges with a diamond polished finish.

30 Year Warranty

Display cases are guaranteed 30 years against yellowing from UV rays.

The most popular among collectors: Arca Lite.

The starting point for any kind of collection.

Arca Lite is the best-selling display case: ideal for the collector who wants to protect his collections with a high-quality, 100% dustproof product. You can configure it up to 60 cm and you also have the possibility to choose the stackable solution. 

4mm thickness

We only use trademarked methacrylate 4mm thick.

90° Laser Finishing

The slabs have overlapping edges with a 90° laser finish.

100% Dustproof

The display case Arca Lite, like the Teca Arca, is 100% guaranteed against dust.

custom plexiglas display cases arca lite
custom plexiglas display cases belan

360° view and luxury finishes: Belan

Ecometa's custom-made Cylindrical Display Case.

With its unique, transparent design, it offers a 360-degree view of the objects inside, protecting them from dust and damage. With its unique cylindrical design, the 'Belan' display case adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to any context, whether it is a showcase for valuable jewellery, fine art or rare collectables.


Belan is produced using only 3 mm thick cast Plexiglas for maximum gloss.

Panoramic View

Thanks to its Cylindrical structure, you have a 360° view of the contents.

Made to Measure

You can create the Belan display case according to your needs with our configurator.

Your Artwork Safe: Tequadro

The solution for protecting everything that hangs on the wall.

'Tequadro' is the ideal solution for protecting and highlighting your precious works of art hanging on the wall. This display case, made of high-quality Plexiglas, offers crystal-clear transparency that allows you to fully admire the details of your works without distraction. Its elegant and discreet design blends harmoniously with any environment, bringing the artwork to the fore. The 'Tequadro' display case is the perfect barrier against dust, moisture and potential physical damage, ensuring the long-term preservation of your works.

Easy Assembly

Tequadro is very easy to assemble and install thanks to the simple design with which it was developed.

Guaranteed Protection

The Tequadro display case protects each wall work 100 per cent from dust.

Exceptional quality/price

You will find a top quality product at a very affordable price!

custom plexiglas display cases tequadro
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